Chris Brown
Licensed Massage Therapist
"Not Just A Massage, A Solution"
From the Desk of Chris Brown
Welcome To ChrisBrownMassage.Biz - The Online Storefront Of My Massage Practice.  I Want To Help People Feel The Best They Can, In Mind & Body.  Wanting This, Led Me Down A Path Of Understanding The Mind & Body At That Level.  I Have Always Been A Student Of Psychology & Holistic Sciences; Through The Study Of Martial Arts I Have Been Able To Help Blend The Art Of Massage & The Arts Of Esoteric Healing.  This Merging Of East & West Allows Me To Create A Relaxing Massage, Yet Feel The underlying Energies Of A Client.  This Instinctual Experience Provides An Unmatched Mind-Body Connection Between A Client And Practitioner.

Over The Years As A Massage Therapist, I Have Encountered Numerous Client Problems, From Headaches, Neck & Shoulder Pain, Back Pain, Nerve Pain, Etc.  This Has Taught Me That What Massage School Prepares A Practitioner For Certainly Is Not This.  I Wanted To Help, So I Dove Deep Into The Problems My Clients Were Facing,  And I Learned So Much More Than What My School Had Taught.  This Is Where My Passion For Helping People Comes From.  I Love What I Do.  I Love That I Can Be Passionate About Helping People.  

It Is Sad To Know That In The Massage World, A Newly Licensed Therapist, That 40 - 50% Quit Within The First TWO Years!  Some From Burn-Out & Body Wear.. But Many From Unintentionally Hurting People, Not Knowing Properly How To Solve Someone's Problems.. This Is The Educational Systems Fault.  Many People Who Start The Massage Therapy Journey Quit.  This Is What Most People Getting Massages Are Dealing With- Therapists Who Do Not Know How To Help With Their Problems & This Made Me Upset To Think About, So  I Wanted To Change That.

More Than Me, There's You.  I Appreciate That You Are Taking The Time To Read This.  If You Are Looking For A Way To Solve Your Pain, To Finally Feel Like You Again, Then You Were Meant To Be Here Right Now.  Allow My Passion To Help Your Problems.

My Vision Is To Help People Use Massage, Not As A 'Fix Me' Tool, But Rather, As An 'Assessment Tool' That Helps People Map Their Bodies Better In Their Minds.  To Relate Stress In The Mind, As Stress In The Body.  To See Themselves The Way They Should, And Not Be Pulled Around By Their Emotions.  The Body Holds These Patterns.  They Are Difficult To See.  Massage Therapy Is Relaxing Your Unconscious Mind, Which Is Your Body... And It Is Here Where Your Body Holds Your Mind Prisoner & Your Emotions Become Your Experience.  By Understanding The Condition Of The Mind, And The Connection To The Body Better, We Can Choose To Put Better Thoughts In Place, And Therefore Have Different Emotions.  Changing Our Experiences.  This Is The Type Of Power That Massage Therapy Has - Very Different Than Just Getting A 'Rub'

To The Best Version Of You,
Chris Brown, LMT
"Not Just A Massage, A Solution"
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